Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working on a Statement

For me, photography is like meditation. It is a state where I don't have to think that much. I skateboard, snowboard, play guitar, and sing for the same type of reason. I can separate myself from myself, my ego, sometimes, and get in touch with something else. It's like dancing when you are pretty drunk. You don't really care whats going on, you are just doing what feels right. When I take photos of myself, maybe Im not feeling quite right, maybe Im feeling really good, but at the time I just want to document it. This is almost instinctual. On my best days, I wander. I could be in a new place, or somewhere that I have been hundreds of times. My photos come from these places. I look for things that are infinitely interesting to me like animals, hidden spaces, nature, friends, skateboarders etc. This post is meant to help me understand why I take photos and to make it easier for me to articulate these thoughts to others in the future.

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