Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Managing Reality

This work has been founded in my curiosity, exploring the conscious and unconscious mind, subjective and objective reality and presence through absence. It has been my intention to create images where these dualities exist simultaneously acting and reacting against each other. Typically, my practice is concerned with individual and unique perceptions of reality. The idea of existing within or perceiving multiple realities is a theme that is prevalent in my work. My most recent series titled Managing Reality expresses feelings of loneliness and seclusion that can be associated with an altered state of consciousness. This series maintains a conversation between subject and environment examining their fragile connection. Managing Reality has pushed me to experiment with digital video. This has allowed me to expand upon the static image by conveying a series of deliberate actions that form a loop in which the subjects are trapped within a singular repeating experience. The subjects are unknowingly isolated within their own world of sensory perception and are unable to access a greater objectivity.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Corel Painter and a few Panoramas

Eternal Traveler Series

My name is Shane Fester and I am an artist currently living and working in Toronto. Presently, I am using the Horizon Kompakt panoramic camera. My experience with Lomography has allowed me to capture new and exciting perspectives on my environment. My newest body of work has been greatly influenced by the process of experimentation essential to Lomography. I have experimented by taking pictures at random, ignoring the viewfinder, fast panning, and multiple exposures.

Since Lomography has changed the way take pictures, this project focuses on the different ways I perceive my surroundings. On the streets of Toronto I often retreat to an introverted perception of reality. My ears closed with music, I divert my eyes to the ground to let alone any other people going about their daily business. In a distinctly different manner, my eyes frequently desire to explore the colors, forms and textures of the immense landscape that surrounds me.  As I pass by the buildings and trees the landscape blurs into the past, fleeting quickly with each step I take. 

This series of panoramic images capture my transitory gaze as I explore the city. My feet symbolize the steps of an eternal traveler exploring the world. The skyward landscapes represent the physical world that we so rapidly overlook and forget.

Some Digital Shots